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All You Need to Know About Walnuts

Whenever we think of any food that increases our memory, the very first thing that comes to our mind is a walnut. Walnut is a brown nut rich in beneficial oil and a pleasant taste, enclosed in a brown shell. Whether you add it to your salads or sweets or desserts, you will taste great heights. Adding 3,4 walnuts to a whole dish can even turn the taste completely. Let us know how these walnuts can affect your body. 

What is the Nutritional Composition of Walnuts?

The nutritional composition of walnuts is given below:

  • Protein: 10.7 g
  • Phosphorus: 276 mg
  • Sugars: 6 g
  • Calories: 210
  • Carbohydrates: 35 g
  • Fat: 3.8 g
  • Fibre: 9.6 g

Health Benefits of Walnuts

We all associate walnuts with a stronger brain and long memory, but it is important to have a look at its other benefits, so let’s continue reading.

● Anti-cancer

Walnuts reduce carcinogenic hazards. They contain a high concentration of cancer-fighting omega-3 fatty acids and other antioxidants. Cancers of the prostate, breast, and pancreas benefit greatly from eating walnuts.


Walnuts are rich in heart-healthy monounsaturated fatty acids, alpha-linolenic acid and linolenic acid. They promote an adequate supply of healthy lipids. The levels of healthy cholesterol rise while the levels of bad cholesterol fall. They also help lower blood pressure, which is a major health benefit.

●Healthier body

Walnuts are satiating because their high fibre content keeps you feeling full long after you’ve finished eating just a handful. They aid in weight reduction healthily and are a great source of protein. So if you want to get full instantly, eat a few walnuts before your meal.

● Helpful for diabetics

Consumption of walnuts is associated with a decreased threat of getting type II diabetes. They are a great source of protein, beneficial fat, and fibre. Diabetics may safely consume them since they won’t affect their weight. So even if you are diabetic, you don’t need to worry when eating walnuts daily. 

●Raising your metabolism

We all are many times worried about accelerating our body’s metabolism quickly but don’t know the perfect way to do so. If your metabolism is feeling slow, grab a bunch of walnuts and watch the magic happen. They aid in digestion, growth and development, and other metabolic functions because they are rich in necessary fatty acids.

● Helpful for skeletal system

The body can absorb more calcium with the aid of walnuts. They also decrease calcium loss via metabolism. This thing works amazingly in maintaining the shape and strength of your skeleton. 


Walnuts may reduce swelling and inflammation. Inflammation is the root cause of many different illnesses, including diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, and many more. Walnuts, when eaten daily, help the body fight against various illnesses more effectively.

●Helpful for stomach acid

Almonds and walnuts both have high fibre content. This is why they are useful for intestinal cleansing and general body detoxification. All of these things add bulk to the poop and help relieve constipation

●Good for hair and skin

The greatest harmful effects on health are caused by free radicals found in the environment. They are to blame for your skin drying out and getting wrinkles. In this regard, walnuts are useful. Eating walnuts regularly has been shown to lessen the appearance of dark circles beneath the eyes.

●Beneficial during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers should have enough folate to ensure the healthy development of their babies. Since they contain a lot of vitamin B complex, walnuts are beneficial to the development of a fetus

●Contributes to mens reproductive health

Some studies have shown that eating walnuts may improve sperm quality and fertility in men. Animal studies have shown that consuming walnuts may help preserve sperm by lowering oxidative damage to their membranes. Extensive research is necessary to validate the nut’s effect in boosting male reproductive health. If you’re worried, however, you may always add a few walnuts to your regular diet.

Nutrition Facts

Calorie information (Per 100g ) . .
Nutritional components Amount in grams Amount in % DV
Protein 15 g
Total Fat 65 g 10%
Saturated fat 6 g 12%
Calcium 9%
Iron 16%
Total Carbohydrates 14 g 4%
Potassium 441 mg 12%

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